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  • Infographic: Sinai Fire Tragedy

    Infographics are becoming more and more common these days. They are  information visualisations that breakdown different data/information components into easily digestible and understandable chunks. Chilli Mango Designs (in collaboration with Halima Murunga, Kaburo Kobia and myself) worked on the following infographic capturing key details of the Sinai Fire Tragedy and respective relief efforts. Full size [...]

  • #SpareChange4Sinai

    95 Dead, 118 missing, 744 people and 105 households rendered homeless. Hundreds more affected and many are hospitalised with advanced burns. A tragic fire engulfed the Mukuru Sinai slums in Nairobi. Amidst all the confusion and loss, the Kenya Red Cross has setup a temporary camp at the Tom Mboya Social Hall, the following items [...]

  • #FindFuel; A Case of Social Media Solving a Practical Problem in Nairobi

    Robert Kunga (@mwirigi) amplified the hashtag #FindFuel to help Nairobi motorists identify petrol stations that had stock amidst the shortage. He aggregated the tweets on the Motogari blog. Within an hour the tag was trending on the local scene, this was around 1430-1530hrs on 3rd May. Most people in the Kenyan tech scene are familiar [...]

  • [PODCAST] Review of Impact Investing Study by CMA with Bankelele

    [podcast]http://www.soudhyder.com/wp-content/podcasts/bankelele_25thFEB2011.mp3[/podcast] This is an interview with Limo Taboi popularly known as Bankelele a prominent financial analyst. Limo reviews the Impact Investing Study Report done by the CMA and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Limo describes and analysis stylistic investment features currently employed within the region by institutional investors and points out on the way forward [...]

  • TEDxNairobi; Green City In The Sun

    We’re just about to go live in few hours. Once again I’ve been privileged to be part of a committed team that has put in immense effort. We hope to inspire people to think green for the sake of the environment and future generations. Here’s a bit more of what inspired us (first posted at [...]

  • Nairobi is BUZZING!

    Nairobi has never been shy to investment or multi-national activity. Despite it taking a hit in its prominence in the eighties, nineties and early ‘noughties’,   there seems to be a candid air of rejuvenation traversing the precincts of this enterprising city. The ‘Green City Under The Sun’ serves as regional and functional headquarters for major [...]



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