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  • [PODCAST] Review of Impact Investing Study by CMA with Bankelele

    [podcast]http://www.soudhyder.com/wp-content/podcasts/bankelele_25thFEB2011.mp3[/podcast] This is an interview with Limo Taboi popularly known as Bankelele a prominent financial analyst. Limo reviews the Impact Investing Study Report done by the CMA and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Limo describes and analysis stylistic investment features currently employed within the region by institutional investors and points out on the way forward [...]

  • Why Al Jazeera Might Be The News House of The Decade!

    I happened to grow up at a time when there was significant change in the world in and around me. In the early nineties, Kenya’s first private TV station signed up to rebroadcast CNN, which filled up a significant chunk of their 24hr programming. In fact such a concept was by itself extraordinary given that [...]

  • Social Media; Catalysis of Modern Day Revolutions

    There has been a growing debate that seems to have heated up over the past few weeks as hordes of protesters took out to the streets in Tunisia and Egypt. The Iranian election crisis marked an inflexion point for social media, for a period of about two weeks there was sustained attention on Iran by [...]


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