It is often said that small to mid sized entrepreneurs form the basis of modern economies as such enterprises tend to be the engines of production and employment. This results in the respective consumption and growth of economies.

A new Africa is in the making; a continent spurred by ambition and enthused with hard work. A new image of an often misrepresented and mismanaged continent and people. Africa is the last frontier of development and the fast paced nature of technology and the knowledge economy has transformed Africa and catalysed it to new heights. The continent is now seen and recognised as having unimaginable potential and smart investors are scouting every inch from Tangiers all the way down to the Cape of Good Hope.

Legatum and Omidyar Networks are amongst the fore runners in recognising Africa’s promise. Both have made significant investments in Africa, however the biggest gift they have given to Africa is that of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship. The awards recognise African businesses that have made significant strides not only in developing sustainable world class businesses but also businesses that give back to the community and empower people around them. In fact by far the biggest achievement of these awards are not the tangible elements that we can see, feel and touch but the positive stories and examples that would permeate throughout the fabric of the entire continent. Stories of African businessmen and businesswomen who have made it through hard work and solving local problems. Such are the stories that will inspire the next cadre of African entrepreneurs, the visionaries that will take Africa to greater heights.

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Recognising Africa’s Entrepreneurs



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