The “Niko Na” campaign consumption over the web eventually petered out after about a week with the exponential growth, smoothing out at about 45,000 hits for the advert and 22,000 hits for the documentary on the making of the advert. At the time of this posting they stand ant 52,000 and 25,000 respectively.

There is still some activity resonating especially on Twitter and Facebook with Safaricom’s daily contests and I just stumbled on the landing page for the campaign accidentally, I was actually going to mention that a landing page should have been the initial reaction to the unusual growth and interest exhibited at the beginning of the campaign.

On the positive side the conversations are still going on, negative sentiment has also reduced, it was interesting to note some peculiar Kenyans piggy backing on the campaign through this parody, quite creative indeed. Keywords and tags were aligned with those of the Safaricom campaign leveraging on some sort of traffic arbitrage.

SEO on the landing page is not optimal at the moment, a search on ‘Niko Na Safaricom” still yields links to Safaricom’s main site and promoted search ads still link to the main site. Its exactly clear what the landing page achieves, anyway the agency behind it and Safaricom should be in a much better position to explain.

In my opinion the landing page should have been activated within one week of the campaign running and focus should not only have clear calls to action based on the agenda and effective social sharing tools, the page should be used as a portal to elicit user feedback and mine customer data which can be used to enhance the brand and service experience.

With new media and the social web, there is a sort of paradigm shift to lifestyles and business operations. Consumers are becoming increasingly informed and experiences with the brand and or service are increasingly becoming pivotal consumption decision influencers. Firms operating on the new media front need to address such changes in their modus operandi, its not longer just plain vanilla marketing and sales. New and social media are much more than broadcasting platforms, they are engagement and experience platforms that will greatly influence perceptions and consumption.

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On Numbers and Niko Na Safaricom | Part II



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