About a week ago Chief Nyamweya the gentleman behind The Emergency Web Comic flashed an idea past me. Being a patriotic Kenyan creative, he has been itching to know why Google does not have any doodles for Kenya. The closest they got was an EAC doodle earlier this year. However it is still ironic that despite Kenya being the sub-Saharan headquarters for Google and having one of the most vibrant web community and comparatively higher internet proliferation than the rest of region, we still do not have localised doodles. Furthermore Google has always called for localisation of data and services, it seems simple doodles for Kenya may have been forgotten. Chief did initiate some communication with Google Kenya via e-mail but is yet to receive a response.

After a bit of brain storming here and there we figured out that a social media campaign would get the best out of our efforts. First and foremost we are encouraging local artists and nurturing local talent, we want something that is 100% Kenyan. Secondly, if there is one thing that unites Kenyans across the board, it is technology. Doodling for Kenya is not about who you are or where you come from, it’s about appreciating our common values and accepting the differences that make us unique. Lastly we are cutting out a lot of work for Google and we do hope they will utilise some of the ingenuity and creativity that comes out of this process. Furthermore this is just another example that the social web works in Africa too. We do hope Google are listening….

The wonderful chaps at Afrinnovator have dedicated a page to all the doodles that will be submitted. A Facebook page has been setup as a hub for the campaign, http://on.fb.me/GoogleDoodleKE and the hashtag #GoogleDoodleKE is being used to track the conversation. As Chief rightly puts it “knock yourself out”, its time for the new Kenya and its time you also did something for Kenya!

Campaign Logo by Chief

Kenya Flag Doodle by Chief

Kenya Flag Post Doodle by Chief

Kenya Tourism Doodle by Chief

Kenya Steeplechase by Ken

Kenya Lions Doodle by Ken

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Doodles 4 Google Kenya (GoogleDoodleKE)



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