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  • Doodles 4 Google Kenya (GoogleDoodleKE)

    About a week ago Chief Nyamweya the gentleman behind The Emergency Web Comic flashed an idea past me. Being a patriotic Kenyan creative, he has been itching to know why Google does not have any doodles for Kenya. The closest they got was an EAC doodle earlier this year. However it is still ironic that [...]

  • On Numbers and Niko Na Safaricom | Part II

    The “Niko Na” campaign consumption over the web eventually petered out after about a week with the exponential growth, smoothing out at about 45,000 hits for the advert and 22,000 hits for the documentary on the making of the advert. At the time of this posting they stand ant 52,000 and 25,000 respectively. There is [...]

  • On Numbers and Niko Na Safaricom | Part I

    The new Safaricom advert seems initially to have ruffled some feathers especially on the Kenyan social media space with hints and rants of plagiarism and lack of originality with a conspicuous semblance to a 2009 Qantas advertisement. Little did the greater world know that both adverts shared similar production and creative leads and that in [...]


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