We’re just about to go live in few hours. Once again I’ve been privileged to be part of a committed team that has put in immense effort. We hope to inspire people to think green for the sake of the environment and future generations.

Here’s a bit more of what inspired us (first posted at TEDxNairobi.com) -:

You could say that Nairobi today is a petri-dish of ‘Development 2.0;’ a new paradigm that seeks to inculcate inward oriented sustainable development. Success stories such as Safaricom and Equity Bank have defied many development theories and theorists. This year’s theme; ‘Green City In The Sun’ seeks to inspire Nairobi’s thinkers and doers to jump on to the ‘Green’ mantra and work towards building a city of ‘Green’ excellence on all fronts from technology, science, social science, art and design.

So what exactly is ‘Green’? Well, it is a term that has heavy connotations to environmental activism and politics. We at TEDxNairobi view it from a more macroscopic perspective, whereby we seek to enthuse a culture that is environmentally friendly and to chart out positive development of clean technology and innovation that will sustain ecosystems and economies for many generations to come.

The hullaballoo of Nairobi’s development comes at a pivotal time in world history. Upstream innovation from the developing to the developed world is now being accepted as a norm and there is also high diffusion of cutting edge technology to the developing world as can be seen with mobile communication technology which furthermore lead various innovative business models and services. One does not have to venture far to realise that the ‘Green’ bug has hit town, walk past Parliament Way and you will see solar powered street lamps, on a clear day look towards Ngong Hills and you will see a couple of windmills, Safaricom also has some its base stations running on green energy and the Turkana Wind Farm project is poised to be sub-Saharan Africa’s largest wind farm in terms of capacity.

Kenya certainly has its own challenges but also has a unique opportunity to leap frog and emerge as a leader both in industrial and micro innovation of the ‘Green’ economy. This year’s event is certainly worth attending and will without doubt bring together  Nairobi’s leading minds who will definitely craft and co-operate in creating a sustainable, prosperous and promising ‘Green’ future for Africa’s one and only ‘Green City In The Sun.’

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TEDxNairobi; Green City In The Sun



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