I have been privileged to be amongst the lead consultants for the STAR II project in East Africa. This is an extension of the STAR programme that initially aimed at building the ICT capacity of Hivos partner organisations. STAR II aims to enhance the information, communication and marketing strategies of the target organisations so that they can operate efficiently and also to be able to adequately address the needs of their audience by providing better information and services.

KRC; Kabarole Research and Resource Centre is one of the STAR II target organisations. The video below is of an exceptional gentleman by the name of Joshua Turyamureeba who works as a voluntary Community Process Facilitator/Information Officer at Bukuku Village at the foot of the Ruwenzori Mountains near Fort Portal, Uganda.

Joshua bridges the information flow between his local community and the rest of the world. He sources information that could be beneficial to the community and packages it into simplified packets for his literate and semi-literate audience. He also gets data from the grassroots and feeds it to researchers.

What intrigued me about Joshua was his natural ability to simplify and visualise information. We usually think of UX in relation to digital systems. However paper based systems still are the primary information dissipation media in the grassroots. With the emergence of the mobile phone and its increasing importance as an information tool for the grassroots, it might be useful to reflect and adapt best-practises as Joshua has.

He may not have developed a fancy UI but Joshua is one of the hidden gems of Africa, a gem resulting from self organised processes in the pursuit of local development. These are the catalysts for the new knowledge based Africa.  A continent that finds the hope, will, and resources to pick up the pieces.  A new cadre of leaders and professionals who will find innovative self discovered ways to solve their problems and spur development.


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We need more Joshuas in Africa….

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UX in Rural Africa



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