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  • Karim Kanji in Nairobi

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Karim Kanji who was visiting Nairobi. He talked about the mobile and tech buzz around Nairobi and the rest of East Africa as well highlighting the importance of collaboration and communities to enterprises. Listen to the podcast for more. [podcast]http://www.soudhyder.com//wp-content/podcasts/12062010karim_kanji_interview.mp3[/podcast]

  • Nairobi is BUZZING!

    Nairobi has never been shy to investment or multi-national activity. Despite it taking a hit in its prominence in the eighties, nineties and early ‘noughties’,   there seems to be a candid air of rejuvenation traversing the precincts of this enterprising city. The ‘Green City Under The Sun’ serves as regional and functional headquarters for major [...]


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