Traditionally UX; User Experience has been associated with technology and digital devices. However user experience should holistically cover all processes humans engage in. Technology and digital devices are just enablers of processes; hence it’s only prudent to take user experience a notch higher.

The evolution of the social web has brought about immense changes. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace are all dimensions of the social web, each has its constituent lifetime depending on usability, applicability and innovation of the eco-systems in which they thrive in. One of the most disruptive shifts the social web continues to inspire is that of democratising product development and the devolution of the product development and management hierarchy by allocating immense leverage and power to the end user. The adage ‘consumer is king’ has never been as prolific. Today consumers and end users have significant levels of control and say as individuals. Collectively they have immense power that can influence the direction a product takes throughout its lifetime.

Jeff Pulver sums up the current metamorphosis as follows -:

“The balance of power is shifting.  A new era in buyer/seller relationships is being defined. And unlike other revolutions, this isn’t so much about the power of “we the people” but rather “me the people.”

The internet is increasingly becoming an enabler of business and on the other hand it is exponentially becoming more social. Enterprises of the future will thus not only compete on superior products or services but on positive user experiences as well. Bank Simple is a new start-up built on this paradigm shift, it aims to offer simple, honest and easy to use banking services and good example of how user experience is being translated to routine processes we as humans have to engage in.

In an increasingly complex world thriving in an exponential information and data explosion, I as a user want to interact with the world and successfully execute processes or task in the least time possible and deriving maximum value within this interaction time and space. What breaks down complexity into a series of manageable intuitive tasks would certainly be useful to me. Thus the new age of product and service design will be all about simplifying and creating positive user experiences. This might just be a primary comparative advantage parameter between competing products and services.

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