TED started about 20 years ago as a gathering of sorts comprising of a small group extraordinary people. Originally it was all about Technology, Entertainment and Design hence the acronym TED. One thing led to another and two decades later TED is all about sharing ideas.

Now TED was and still operates as regular conferences in different parts of the globe. Yes TED is big, but its far too small to fit everyone in. Furthermore TED’s grown a tad bit older and you know age comes with its effects and maybe TED cannot move as fast as it used to. So TEDx was born, the young and agile child of TED. Pretty much TEDx takes TED experiences to more people, more places and this generates more IDEAS!

Bolstered with the experience of a couple of TED fellows and some extraordinary minds TEDx Nairobi is born. It might not be a household name, however it certainly promises an idea storm that will take the city and region to new heights. The first TEDx Nairobi event will happen on the 8th August 2009. For more information go to http://www.tedxnairobi.co.ke.

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TEDx Nairobi | 8th August 2009



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