If you have not yet heard of the “WiMAX Buzz” then its bound to hit your neck of the woods some time soon. I cannot assure you of this, sureties do not exist in the technology world. What I can do however is add more hype to the buzz with the wavering certainty of a stock analyst.

WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) is basically WiFi (IEEE 802.11)++ or perhaps WiFi 2.0. Basically what WiMAX brings out is increased range, which averages to about 4-5 miles per cell, though could be much greater depending on the topology, transmission and variant of the technology.

The technical details gives us the complex yet simple possibility of wireless broadband while the business side of it surprisingly poses shadowy scenarios amidst rosy clusters. The biggest question is whether or not WiMAX will be able to swallow or co-exist with current or emerging competing technologies? Furthermore given it succeeds what market share will it hold? Will it be as pervasive as other mobile technologies such as Bluetoothâ„¢, CDMA, GSM, WiFi e.t.c.

No doubt opportunities are immense. There is lots of room for innovative products and services that will either complement or supplement existing ones. WiMAX on one hand presents the holy grail of data and voice convergence while the other side of it spells doom to orthodox data and voice services provisioning. The is no doubt that is bound to shake up business models, what remains unclear is how and when this will happen if it not already happening and how long will it last…..

In the next few posts we will be taking a comprehensive look on how the future of wireless technologies will shape up. In particular we will be looking at the development and emergence of WiMAX and the opportunities it presents as well identifying its prospective value additions to business.

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The Future of Wireless



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