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  • My Problem With ICT

    ICT is perhaps one of the most misused acronyms over the last decade. “ICT for this” and “ICT for that”, “ICT organisation A” and “ICT organisation B for….”No policy paper in the developing world was complete without “ICT” on it. ICT seems to be the magic wand that turns everything into gold and after all, [...]

  • M-PESA; Beyond The Buzz

    I’ve been meaning to pen my thoughts on this over the better half of this year but time has nonetheless been very elusive. I happened to watch a video recording of a panel discussion about technology in Africa and naturally M-PESA seems to permeate through the discussion in one way or another. Two points were [...]

  • Infographic: Sinai Fire Tragedy

    Infographics are becoming more and more common these days. They are  information visualisations that breakdown different data/information components into easily digestible and understandable chunks. Chilli Mango Designs (in collaboration with Halima Murunga, Kaburo Kobia and myself) worked on the following infographic capturing key details of the Sinai Fire Tragedy and respective relief efforts. Full size [...]

  • #SpareChange4Sinai

    95 Dead, 118 missing, 744 people and 105 households rendered homeless. Hundreds more affected and many are hospitalised with advanced burns. A tragic fire engulfed the Mukuru Sinai slums in Nairobi. Amidst all the confusion and loss, the Kenya Red Cross has setup a temporary camp at the Tom Mboya Social Hall, the following items [...]

  • Crisis!

    I sat around thinking about a title and nothing sums it up better than crisis. For Kenya is witnessing a major food crisis and it is spawning into smaller and smaller crises mostly contributed by the lack of an effective disaster response government agency. It is encouraging seeing how Kenyans have responded and the drive [...]

  • Africa; Potentially A Significant Market/Audience for Facebook to Lose?

    I started drafting this post on May 21st 2011 and my thoughts apparently got lost in the bytes only to be revived today and changing the title from Why Facebook Could Be An African Entrepreneurs Biggest Asset simply because Facebook is more than entrepreneurial advantage for Africa and Africans it is a social change agent. [...]

  • The Digital Scramble for Africa

    A new scramble for Africa is currently in the works; hopefully this time around it’ll be more promising and equitable. Mo Ibrahim set a precedence that has seen an enormous surge in mobile communication technology in Africa. This in turn propelled a shift and paved way for the digital revolution in Africa given that it [...]

  • On Globalisation and the Death of the Local Game

    I hardly blog about non-tech related issues, however yesterday I stumbled on a rather hard biting reality. As with any situation there are probably two sides to the coin. It just so happened that I ran into a group of young soccer fans in Ileret. This is probably one of the most remote places in [...]

  • Hashtags Do Not Manufacture Revolutions

    The Iranian Elections and the events unfolding over the Sprig of 2011 most conveniently dubbed as The Arab Spring set about a catharsis of the so called ‘social media revolutions’. Well social media certainly is revolutionary and without a shadow of doubt, social media has significantly contributed to modern day revolutions. Nonetheless this does not [...]

  • My Two Cents on Google Wallet

    I happen to have studied payments systems during my past academic explorations. Also most importantly I have witnessed the exponential growth of MPESA; a Kenyan payment system based on SMS which has a turnover of just about a third of Kenya’s GDP. At the same time credit card and debit card proliferation and tie-ups in [...]

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